A Foggy Day in Brighton Town

So yes - if you make a list of all your friends who have cats you will probably realise that it's 90% of them (and that for some reason scares the hell out of me). In fact I dislike housecats. The only way I potentially could like them is on a plate during 'Festival Gastronomico del Gato' in Peru. You probably wonder what does it have to do with me photographing fog, right? Well… I thought that it'd make easier for me to explain why I'm not a huge fan of Brighton Pier either. I do admit - both subjects have amazing photographic potential - they both offer endless possibilities of documenting odd and simply stupid behaviour and they can be both quite colourful but I can't stand much of that for too long. And they make a lot of noise. And smell.

Anyway… I've been seriously swamped with work for the last 9 months and, to tell you the truth, I couldn't find any time to wander around south Anglia with my camera. It actually made me miserable and I've recently realised how much I missed it, so when I saw that thick fog covering Brighton I couldn't resist any longer. Everything I was working on at that very moment was dropped down to position 11 on my 1-10 priority list, I packed my photo backpack and moved out (accidentally removing a bit of a wall on a starcase with my "tiny" tripod;) to find out what hides in the mist!

I was quite surprised to end up on the Pier. I think I have never seen it like this before - it was quiet, dark and gloomy - I simply loved it. There was still plenty of idiots with ice cream running around but I didn't care. I took my time and enjoyed every time I pressed the shutter release. It was pure fun and I came back home amazingly relaxed and with my arm muscles aching(;

Now when I think about it I'm starting to believe that I could have judged Brighton's Pier too quickly. It will always have its annoyances but maybe it's actually worth sacrificing my mental health. Take a look yourself and let me know - do you think I should give it a second chance?

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