Hello World!

It took me a while to figure out how I want to present my work and share my thoughts. The very first design I made was actually very dark and aggressive. I was planning heavy AS3 flash site overlapped with tons of ajaxified JS content but after realising SEO drawbacks and reading few great articles on the biggest mistakes designers made while building their portfolios, I went back to the drawing board…

I decided to go for simplicity this time - solid minimalism that I always loved so much and didn't have many occasions to use it as a design direction. After all most of the people searching for a freelancer don't expect to be overwhelmed by another IMAX experience - they are after basic information about a guy and a showcase of what he can and how he managed his previous projects. With that in mind I got rid of all pointless gadgets, rethought all content and went for cheerful/fun look and feel in the end. It was also a perfect time to test Nevis Bold which I was slightly obsessing about for some time now - I know it's simple shaped, far from ideal an there are hundreds of better choices but I had a very strong feeling that it would look sexy on print and large headings.

Sample Paragraph using Nevis Bold

But enough of all that design related "boring" stuff! As simple as the site may look it actually incorporates few interesting backend solutions I've never used before. The first big decision to make was regarding IE6 support - we all love loathe this browser so much but is it really OK to drop it together with its 10% market share? Sure it is! Especially if I want to make Internet safer and faster experience! With that out of my way I was able to focus on everything else. I could finally start using CSS selectors like :first-child or '>' and forget about hours if not days of fixing layouts for IE6. I actually went a bit further and used CSS Scaffolding to significantly improve styling automation. Finally I thought that it would be a nice touch if I could incorporate alternative navigation methods like keyboard shortcuts or mouse gestures.

I can only hope you'll like the outcome but if you think something went wrong or could be done differently - feel free to leave a comment or send me a message. So here it is - criography.com 2.5

  • criography

    Hey guys, sorry it took me that long—had a lot going on.
    Anyway, the fix was rather quick; just take a look at the top of the article and compare the new files with the ones you currently have to see what I did.

    And let me know if something breaks again, but I hope you’ll be able to fix it by now(;