Kicking games industry in their arses [a rant]

So I went to this major UX conference yesterday (UX London) and was lucky enough to grab few icons in this sector to talk about games industry. Surprisingly (or is it?) the conclusion was exactly the same in each and every case: it’s one of the most stubborn, stagnant and narrow-focused industry out there, often bottlenecked and distorted by a shitload of silly corporate dependencies.

Don’t get me wrong, I love all games studios out there for what they do for us—regular earthlings, and also knowing so many people involved in the process I’m writing it because I’m worried about its current state. I just wish some people who influence the industry have finally caught up to existing realities.

Look at what web evangelists and web industry leaders are trying to do all the time—they energise this constant push forward, with no compromise. That’s why the web community is so much more active, always too curious, trying to hack the shit out of things—learning from each other, sharing stuff, improving and adapting.

Also, drop methodologies and mentalities that worked 10 years ago as they most likely don’t any more, and stop assuming you understand your players, because you don’t! Leave that to UXers, anthropologists and sociologists.

If you do, you’ll end up with revolutionary products and greatest communities ever, I can promise you that.

I’ll leave you with yesterday’s simple yet powerful quote from a brilliant designer—Richard Seymour, which somehow matches my opinion on rubbish console game porters and even recent events with LucasArts:

“(…)In the 21st century if you lie… you die.”

and his 2011’s TED talk, I strongly encourage everyone to watch.