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How I fell in love with CSScaffolding

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Have you ever had that helplessness feeling while scrolling through veeeery long stylesheets, trying to find one selector? Sure – tabbing helps a lot but it’s not as good as using proper nesting. I’ve seen few solutions giving you that functionality but it was Anthony Short’s CSScaffold I decided to try out, mainly due its mixins support. I’m not going to go into details on how it actually works (if you’re interested in it make sure you visit project homepage) but instead I’ll show you real examples on how I used it on this site.

A Foggy Day in Brighton Town

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I was quite surprised to end up on the Pier. I think I have never seen it like this before - it was quiet, dark and gloomy - I simply loved it. There was still plenty of idiots with ice cream running around but I didn't care. I took my time and enjoyed every time I pressed the shutter release. It was pure fun and I came back home amazingly relaxed and with my arm muscles aching(;

Hello World!

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It took me a while to figure out how I want to present my work and share my thoughts. The very first design I made was actually very dark and aggressive with a lot of contrast. I was planning heavy AS3 flash site overlapping with tons of ajaxified JS content but after reading few great articles on the biggest mistakes designers made while building their portfolios I went back to the drawing board…