PhotoHolics #01

I'm not going to hide the fact that photography is my biggest passion. In fact if I could drop everything and don't worry about paying my rent, I would very likely leave Brighton to discover the world with my camera. But since it's hardly possible, I tend to feed my hunger for adventure with other people's experiences and stories. I'll never stop being amazed by all those things and places that can be explored and all of them in so many different ways! And I'm not even going to start talking about people themselves. Anyway, I did promise you to share all kinds of things that inspire me and I believe photography is the biggest influence in both my private and professional life. I also thought, I should post some pretty pictures, instead of trying to be smart and eloquent(; So here they are - people whose photography I truly admire!

Jan Sochor


Brilliant storyteller. He finds these incredibly hard subjects to photograph and then delivers beautiful and thought provoking essays. He's one of these guys who will surprise you every single time they publish something!

Jan Sochor's sample photo

Sławek Staszczuk


I met him about a year ago and had a pleasure of seeing him in action during our small countryside trip. I will tell you one thing - if there's someone who can capture not too obvious uniqueness of some place - it's him! Recently honoured by the Take a View - Landscape Photographer of the Year, definitely someone to watch.

Sławek Staszczuk's sample photo

Michał Karcz


Probably my first big inspiration since I started my journey with a camera. Some claim his work is not photography but graphics but I disagree. I think we share similar approach to it - to show the world we personally see or shape it the way we would like to see it through our lens. And although there are many followers and copycats, I can always recognise Karez's art (yes! it is art).

Michał Karcz's sample photo

Kamil Majdański


One of the big names in Polish fashion photography. And although I have neither experience nor knowledge about this specific area I am always impressed by Kamil's images.

Kamil Majdański's sample photo



Master of mystic minimalism. Living in the same, industrial region that I originally come from, this guy is showing the world exactly the same way I see it every day (which probably makes both of us seriously messed up individuals...)

DELF's sample photo

Island Visions Photography


I discovered their photos shortly before my trip to the Isle of Wight in Southern England and there's not much to say about this, except for the fact that if you're searching for your perfect postcard shooters - here they are! Brilliantly lit (usually at dusk or dawn) and perfectly composed photos are a great source of reference on how to properly shoot your landscapes(:

Island Visions Photography sample photo

Lara Jade


A studio photographer with amazing talent of overexposing human face features and emotions in such a way that it doesn't look fake or distorted. I simply love her self-portraits!

Lara Jade's sample photo

Sonia Jach


I'm not sure where she gets all her ideas from but I some of them are amazing. I admire people who can think out the box and show it to the 'regular' others so they can understand and appreciate it (which 90% of modern art fail at doing).

Sonia Jach's sample photo

Hengki Koentjoro


Minimalistic B&W squares. If you ask me - this is the true essence of photography and if I ever build my own house, this is the kind of art I will hang on my walls. Simple as that.

Hengki Koentjoro's sample photo

Susan Burnstine


Finally there's your portion of truly experimental stuff(; It's hard to find an abstract artists who actually tries to tell you something with his work instead of 'just playing around'. I can guarantee that Susan's photos will amaze you!

Susan Burnstine's sample photo

Right. That should be it for now but if you liked this collection and got inspired even a bit, make sure to come back soon for the next portion of photo prodigies(:

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