Enter TLBB Landing Page
Enter TLBB Landing Page

Enter TLBB—Microsite Design and Development

My first project for Chinese MMO game publisher ChangYou was supposed to be a registration page for their flag title: Tian Long Ba Bu.

As it often happens in game publishing industry, even during late development stages, ideas and requirements changed and in the end it launched as a completely separate minisite, a destination of all European and South Asian marketing campaigns.

Originally built using Codeigniter Framework, but had to be slightly modified to communicate with JSP server as well.

Status: offline

What people involved in this project think about my work:

Marek also proved to be able to manage a Creative Services team and also in this case with great performances. I wouldn’t think twice before hiring him again.
Mirko Gozzo Mirko GozzoMirko Gozzo's linkedin profileVP of Publishing, Europe at ChangYou.com (UK)