Enter TLBB Landing Page
Enter TLBB Landing Page

Enter TLBB—Microsite Design and Development

My first project for Chinese MMO game publisher ChangYou was supposed to be a registration page for their flag title: Tian Long Ba Bu.

As it often happens in game publishing industry, even during late development stages, ideas and requirements changed and in the end it launched as a completely separate minisite, a destination of all European and South Asian marketing campaigns.

Originally built using Codeigniter Framework, but had to be slightly modified to communicate with JSP server as well.

Status: offline

What people involved in this project think about my work:

Marek best qualities are definitely style and hard work! He never leave the office till job is done and always at the highest standards.
Mirko Gozzo Mirko GozzoMirko Gozzo's linkedin profileVP of Publishing, Europe at ChangYou.com (UK)