Guildwars Themed Commodore C=kins
Guildwars Themed Commodore C=kins

GuildWars C=kins—Commodore PC Cases Design

NCsoft decided to launch a limited collection of customised, Guildwars(r) themed Commodore PC cases (called C=kins) and I was asked to design all of them. Being a PC modding enthusiast myself, I knew that the most popular PC cases don't look like a Christmas tree - on the contrary - are well toned, minimalistic and in most cases - either black or white. With that in mind I prepared few different concepts and the selected one was a huge sale success. I additionally produced a combined edition case design with characters from all GuildWars campaigns and extensions.

What people involved in this project think about my work:

Marek has great web/design skills and is very focused at his work. He’ll knuckle down until the job, design or buggy piece of JavaScript has been nailed.
Will WeaverWill Weaver's linkedin profileDesigner at Ncsoft Europe Ltd