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Cropping with Magento

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I know, I know... I promised it long time ago but I decided to take some time off from coding, not even mentioning nerve-wracking Magento(; But I'm back in business now so here is your short guide on how to crop your images. You can use it for almost everything but it's great for designs with square (ish) products images.

Squeezing Magento’s cache

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There are quite few ways to optimise and speed up Magento. If you run a Google search you'll get different solutions from minifying js to some nice server settings. There is one thing though I couldn't see being mentioned anywhere - built-in image caching system.

How I fell in love with CSScaffolding

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Have you ever had that helplessness feeling while scrolling through veeeery long stylesheets, trying to find one selector? Sure – tabbing helps a lot but it’s not as good as using proper nesting. I’ve seen few solutions giving you that functionality but it was Anthony Short’s CSScaffold I decided to try out, mainly due its mixins support. I’m not going to go into details on how it actually works (if you’re interested in it make sure you visit project homepage) but instead I’ll show you real examples on how I used it on this site.