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PhotoHolics #01

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I'm not going to hide the fact that photography is my biggest passion. In fact if I could drop everything and don't worry about paying my rent, I would very likely leave Brighton to discover the world with my camera. But since it's hardly possible, I tend to feed my hunger for adventure with other people's experiences and stories. I'll never stop being amazed by all those things and places that can be explored and all of them in so many different ways! And I'm not even going to start talking about people themselves. Anyway, I did promise you to share all kinds of things that inspire me and I believe photography is the biggest influence in both my private and professional life. I also thought, I should post some pretty pictures, instead of trying to be smart and eloquent(; So here they are - people whose photography I truly admire!

A Foggy Day in Brighton Town

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I was quite surprised to end up on the Pier. I think I have never seen it like this before - it was quiet, dark and gloomy - I simply loved it. There was still plenty of idiots with ice cream running around but I didn't care. I took my time and enjoyed every time I pressed the shutter release. It was pure fun and I came back home amazingly relaxed and with my arm muscles aching(;